Conference Aims

The 18 th International Conference on Traffic & Transportation Engineering

Conference Aims

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Obviously, traffic congestion and its consequences are the most important problems of urbanization in many developed or developing countries. Moreover, metropolitans spend huge amount of their time on daily trips. Hence, “The 18th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Engineering” with enhance on "Human-oriented Transportation" will be an effective step to reduce private car domination on urban spaces and changing cities to suitable places for human life. The most important objectives of this conference are as below:

1- Using the capabilities of both Iranian and international Transportation experts.

2- Planning to exchange the viewpoints of transportation activists with university and research institutes and make interaction between them.

3- Preparing suitable situations for presenting new ideas and traffic knowledge management.

4- Providing the opportunity for researchers to present their innovations and opinions and directing them with the help of the experts’ experiences.

5- Providing opportunities for updating and increasing transportation experts' knowledge.

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